AURALL call recording systems are structured into several product lines that adapt to different customers and needs (size of company, number of channels, activity they perform, functional or security requirements, user mobility, etc.).

Our solutions are mainly oriented to Security, Finance and Call Centers, having recording solutions for any type of commercial companies.


AURALL is the only system on the market that records TDM, VoIP, mobile and radio together


As manufacturers, AURALL represents the commitment to permanent innovation, generating the trust of a leading brand in the market, providing solutions that meet the current needs demanded by the market, secure recording, accurate and with less investment.

  • AURALL Server

    AURALL Server

    Recording in security environments (emergencies, police, critical communications, ATC, ...) and for the corporate segment (financial, call centers, ...). Recording of TDM and IP fixed telephony, PBX, mobile and radiocommunications. Comprehensive and advanced recording and playback (compliance and regulatory) functions.

  • AURALL Xtation

    AURALL Xtation

    Call recording system for companies and SMEs. Recording TDM, IP and Android mobile calls. The software has a web environment with the necessary functions to record calls.

  • AURALL Mobile

    AURALL Mobile

    Smartphones recording from mobile users integrating as a further recording channel into AURALL (Server or Xtation). Available for both Android and iPhone devices.

  • AURALL One

    Recording of IP telephony for agents. Independent solution without using network resources or client PBX (networking).

AURALL is the perfect solution for control centers, mission critical communications, emergency coordination, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention or quality management.

AURALL recording systems provide the most complete solution on the market for:

  • Improve quality management.
  • Understand the intentions and the response of the clients.
  • Analyze the perception and effectiveness of the campaigns.
  • Give support through the voice file to verbal contracts or claims.
  • Capture market information on products, services and competitors.
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Main Features

  • Voice recording from TDM, VoIP, PBX, GSM (Android and iPhone mobiles) and radio.
  • Integration of channels in the same system.
  • Multi site.
  • Multiplatform (Windows, Linux) local or virtualized.
  • It allows access and playback of audio through a secure web interface.
  • Full log with alarms (audit) with SNMP capability and remote monitoring.
  • Quality management through customizable forms, evaluation of agents and live monitoring of audio and screens.
  • Audio analysis based on phoneme criteria (project).
  • Supports local storage, network or file system.
  • Recording standards under multiple criteria, CTI integration, screen recording.
  • Recordings recorded with fingerprint (watermark) and encryption with judicial validity.
  • Linking audio with business information or with other client systems.

Key Benefits

  • Recording all communications on a single system.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • Adaptable to the customer.
  • Fast install and configure.
  • Integration with third parties using API.

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