AURALL™ Mobileis the solution to communications recording for mobile (cellular) mobile corporate environments that do not stay permanently attached to a fixed place. VOID is the sole manufacturer of the market with such comprehensive solutions for the registration of cellular communications.

AURALL Mobile uses all AURALL technology for the back-end part along with technology for apps as the front-end for mobile phones.VENTAJAS


AURALL Mobile performs the recording on any GSM network where mobile phones operate and regardless of the (multi-band) frequency band designated by the International Telecommunication Union for the operation of GSM networks (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz, 2.500 Mhz,..).


AURALL Mobile is independent of the worldwide carrier operator) and therefore the solution can be used in any country, without the need to switch operators or migrate the SIM to a virtual operator.


Software agents for recording (apps) are available for the two main mobile software platforms (Android, iOS) as well as for other platforms in the market (BB, Symbian, Windows) as a project.


AURALL Mobile is an M2M solution to meet the needs of organizations that demand managed device recording in a holistic way.


AURALL Mobile is implemented with high security measures such as file encryption of recordings, restricted access to recordings, secure data connection, terminal control with active recording and profile control.


The simple agent-based AURALL Mobile registration process allows both administrators and users to register the terminals to be recorded. When users log in, they are authenticated and the restrictions and applications are automatically sent. It can be integrated with MDM platforms (Afaria, Airwatch, ...).


AURALL Mobile allows you to define settings, recording policies and business restrictions for devices without requiring user interaction, and assign these profiles to the handsets or groups of handsets. Profiles can be automatically deployed on devices at registration, or administrators can send profiles to terminals. Available profiles include password, restrictions on access to software and recordings, recording rules, connection point (WiFi, VPN, IP, ...), GPS position and more.


Within the profile you can define the method or rule of recording by device, there are several rules available: permanent recording, on demand, on contacts or directory, on telephone ID list, etc.


The AURALL Mobile user environment for management and administration tasks is based on the same web technology as the rest of the AURALL platform, and mobile recording channels can be part of a mixed recording system (eg TMD + IP + mobile), which puts it at the forefront of existing technology in the market.


AURALL Mobile is commercialized in several modalities to adapt to the needs of the clients, like proprietary system (On-site), service or cloud (public or private). The version for Service Providers (carriers) is also available.

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