AURALL Xtation

AURALL™ Xtation is a communications recording system that runs on a web based environment, designed specifically to fulfill the recording needs in businesses that have between 2 and 30 communication channels. It allows for user management and the safe reproduction of stored recordings from a web browser.

AURALL™ Xtation supports mixed configurations to record in the same TDM, PBX, VoIP, mobile and radio systems, combining different channels to solve more scenarios of recording and adaptation to the evolution of users and voice communications in companies.

AURALL™ Xtation is a ready-to-use, easy to install and maintain solution that allows you to integrate all software modules and hardware components into one system to ensure your customers' recording requirements are met or legal at the best price.




  • Recording System - About web environment, easy learning. Legal compliance of the recordings.
  • Capacity - From 2 to 30 recording channels. Disk Storage (FIFO).
  • Telephony - TDM (FXO / FXS, ISDN BRI E1 / T1), VoIP (SIP trunk, IP extensions), GSM (Android), radio.
  • Capture - Recording on TDM line. IP recording by mirror port. GSM recording in terminal.
  • Encoding - PSTN (ADPCM, G.711), VoIP (G.711, G.729), GSM (AMR).
  • Traffic - Conversations of incoming, outgoing and / or internal calls.
  • Metadata - voice (audio) record and metadata of the call according to the channel (dialed or caller number, extension, address, date, time, ...)
  • Channels and extensions - Identification on each recording of the phone channel, extension or DDI captured from the line.
  • Recording modes - Permanent (24 x 7), on demand (from the handset), do not record.
  • On-line - System status display panel.
  • Storage - MP3 format recordings compatible with media players.
  • Security - Secure recording storage: audio encryption and fingerprint.
  • Environment - User interface (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) with audio player.
  • Information - Search for multi-criteria recordings (channel, date, time, duration, address, label, ...)
  • Access - User / password validation (http or https web sessions).
  • Software - Independent Management and Administration.
  • Multilanguage - Spanish (ES), English.
  • Export - Exportable recordings to file (MP3).
  • Business - Possibility of labeling stored recordings.
  • Advanced control - System status indicators (free disk, operating state) and internal logging.
  • User backup - Backup and / or deletion of storage drive recordings (destination and configurable file time).
  • Licensing - 1 user access license (optional additional users). Licenses for recording channels.
  • Monitoring - AMS Service (AURALL Monitor Service) remote monitoring by LAN ( sockets ) of call traffic.


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